OnTop MES Cloud

Manufacturing Execution System


Come out on top with apps on Microsoft AzureTM

Discover the new automated production system delivered turnkey, including maintenance and support at a fixed price.

Created by production professionals and without the use of AI. Significant and rapid productivity gains are guaranteed - without investment or installation.

OnTop MES Builder

Build your ideal MES online with ready-made apps of your choice. Adapt and scale your all-inclusive subscription at any time. 

OnTop Smart IoT Hub

Automatic Data Acquisition and Analysis with plug and play connection of machines, robots and cobots (certified by Universal Robots™), barcode/QRCode/RFID-scanners and much more.

Smart IoT Hub for multi-tasking of signals and protocols, e.g. Digital In, Analogue In, rs485, OPC UA, USB, LAN etc. Several machines and devices can be connected to a common Smart IoT Hub, directly or via LAN or via wireless LoRa (optional).

An electricien is required to connect Smart IoT Hub to selected signal sources by wire and a 24V power supply. The connection and uploading to OnTop MES CLoud starts automatically within two minutes. Smart IoT Hub is remotely configured and maintenance free.


Automated Demand-driven Planning and Scheduling of Pull Flow Production in Manufacturing and Assembly.

Real-Time. Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS).

OnTop Real-Time Shop-Floor Management

Visual management based on accurate and trusted real-time information and empowerment of individuals to make decisions.

OnTop Digital Gemba Dashboards

Build interactive dashboards for

    • effective communication
    • visual management
    • technical documents and instructions
    • reporting, presentations, casting etc.

OnTop Feedback

Automatic statistics, production KPIs (OEE, cycle times etc. ) and process technical.

OnTop Mobile

OnTop Integration

Integrate with your ERP, global production sites and suppliers.

Customer reviews

Advanced machining of transmission components for the automotive industry

Sales 60 MEUR


We have been using OnTop for many years with very good results for visualization on monitors in production and at each cell.

OnTop has been well received and is perceived as simple and intuitive. Reporting is done quickly and easily and the automatic logging of production and disruptions is reliable.

OnTop creates reliable statistics for the continuous improvement work. We can configure OnTop ourselves according to our own business needs.

We feel that OnTop provides very good support through its responsiveness, high availability and speed in implementing improvements.


Advanced robot welding and cutting of gas turbine components

Sales 100 MEUR


OnTop is flexible with a short start-up distance. By measuring in 3 processes,

we have identified a number of improvements, which has contributed to increased process understanding and value-added time.

The support has been very good for improvements, training and accessibility.


Assembly of complex machinery

Sales 40 MEUR


We needed to measure assembly times and streamline communication throughout the company.

OnTop is introduced at all 16 stations in the production flow, from pre-assembly through main assembly to packing. OnTop shows exactly where all orders are in the production flow. OnTop has replaced previous planning boards and aids.

OnTop has been well received and is perceived as simple and intuitive and provides a very good follow-up of assembly and turnaround times as well as disruptions.

OnTop is perceived as very responsive to our wishes.


Advanced machining of engine components for the automotive industry

Sales. 20 MEUR


We have never had to think about either installation, function or maintenance. We trust the data.

The reporting function is extensive. Great support.

We have made investments after analysis of data from OnTop which shows that we can achieve 15% better efficiency in 6 cells.