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Industrial IoT 4.0 on Microsoft AzureTM since 2010

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Get on top of things

with trusted data

Customize your automated MES

production system for manufacturing and assembly 

    Smart IoT Hub

    Generate completely reliable production data with fully automatic connection of all types of machines, robots, UR cobots, sensors, PLCs, RFID/QR code/barcode scanners, etc. with plug-and-play connectivity. Requires no IT or electrical skills. Connect to the internet for automatic initiation of encrypted transmission to OnTop on the Microsoft Azure platform.

    MES Builder

    Customize OnTop according to your needs and budget with the freedom to choose from ready-made online services at fixed, all-inclusive monthly costs. Supplement seamlessly or terminate online services anytime. Get started quickly without IT installations.

    Digital Gemba Dashboards 

    After setting up your production system in OnTop Builder, you can easily create interactive Gemba dashboards for efficient visualization and communication of reliable real-time information in any web browser on screens, tablets, and computers throughout the entire company. Mix and cast content from OnTop, ERP, etc. to dashboards, messages, work instructions, checklists, reports, presentations, etc. on any screens, computers, etc.

    Visual Real-Time Management

    Keep the production running with reliable real-time information, an agile working method, and quick actions. Full control of production status, resorce utilization, OEE, etc. through automatic registration and time stamping of production and stops.

    Visual APS Planning

    OnTop Visual APS is a highly user-friendly online service for automated planning and scheduling of pull production, including complex production flows with customer order-driven JIT and sequence deliveries.

    APS automatically generates short- and long-term production plans using real-time data and statistics. Production managers and planners can request automatic simulation of production plans with alternative priorities.

    Easily integrates with existing ERP / MRP for customer order-driven material planning.

    OnTop Mobile

    The factory in your pocket, always and everywhere, including notifications.


    Automatic production statistics and process technical measurement data including cycle times, assembly times, lead times, throughput times, etc. for monitoring, post-calculations, improvement work, etc."

    Systems Integration

    APIs for easy integration with ERP and OnTop systems worldwide.

    Universal Robots UR+ Partner



    We have been using OnTop for many years with very good results for visualization on screens in production and at every cell. OnTop has been well received and is perceived as simple and intuitive.

    Reporting is done quickly and easily, and the automatic logging of production and disruptions is reliable. OnTop provides reliable statistics for continuous improvement work.

    We can configure OnTop according to our own business needs.

    We find that OnTop provides very good support through its responsiveness, high availability, and speed in implementing improvements.


    Leax Falun AB


    OnTop is flexible with a short startup time. By measuring in 3 processes, we have identified a number of improvements, which have contributed to increased process understanding and value-added time.

    The support has been very good for improvements, training, and availability.


    Siemens Energy


    OnTop MES has brought about a significant improvement for the entire Log Max AB and our production planning and control, in particular.

    Today, we have a pure pull production system where we plan the production of our customer orders both in the short and long term in OnTop, for efficient resource utilization and improved delivery reliability.

    The system is easy to manage and visually appealing, allowing all employees to easily see the status of all orders and ongoing work in real-time and to quickly respond to deviations.

    Production times are also continuously measured in the system and then used in production planning as well as for internal product calculations.

    We have been working with OnTop for 4 years and the provider, OnTop Automation AB, has been very responsive and has helped us with good and intuitive solutions for our business.


    Log Max AB (Komatsu Group)


    We have never had to worry about installation, functionality, or maintenance. We trust the data. The reporting function is comprehensive. Good support.

    We have made investments after analyzing data from OnTop, which shows that we can achieve 15% better efficiency in 6 cells.


    Sansera Sweden AB