OnTopMES Cloud on Microsoft Azure™ since 2010

Smart manufacturing and assembly at the forefront

with user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective digitization

OnTop is a modern, comprehensive and user-friendly production platform designed to promote teamwork and enhance the proactive capabilities of production operators, managers, and planners.

With OnTop, you can easily achieve resource-efficient, flexible, and high-performance production with high delivery reliability.

The platform provides automatic data collection and reliable real-time information in a wide choice of apps, which frees up resources for proactive and value-creating work on a shared data foundation.

All apps are designed for production people and are delivered ready to use at a very low and fixed monthly fees. Start your journey with simple OEE measurement and add or remove apps as business requirements change.

OnTop Smart IIoT Hub

The Smart IIoT Hub connects all equipment quickly and easily without programming, configuration and maintenance.

Auto-generated real-time data raises the quality of all information for operational control, statistics and improvement work.

OnTop APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling with Simulation

OnTop APS offers graphical interfaces for easy simulation and optimization of production plans for manufacturing and assembly.

Visualization of production plan execution status in real time.

OnTop Manufacturing

Visualize all production equipment - from single machines and robots to automated processes - and production status automatically and in real time.

Can be used with OnTop APS.

OnTop Digital Gemba™ Dashboards

Make sure information reaches you and your employees without wasting time.

Create dashboards easily and quickly for business-adapted visualization and effective communication across the company.

OnTop Assembly

Visualize all assembly work operations automatically, from simple to complex processes incl. collaborative robots (cobots).

Can be used with OnTop APS.

OnTop Mobile

See how production is going, communicate and report no matter where you are.

OEE and other statistics

Statistics on cycle and tempo times, assembly times, lead times, turnaround times, production, OEE, stopping times and costs etc.

Language selection in all user interfaces

Easy to get started with turnkey system

Easy to budget - without IT installation, staff and consultants costs

for a digital visit to a reference plant

Advanced machining of transmission components for the automotive industry. Sales 60 MEUR


We have been using OnTop for many years with very good results for visualization on monitors in production and at each cell.

OnTop has been well received and is perceived as simple and intuitive. Reporting is done quickly and easily and the automatic logging of production and disruptions is reliable.

OnTop creates reliable statistics for the continuous improvement work. We can configure OnTop ourselves according to our own business needs.

We feel that OnTop provides very good support through its responsiveness, high availability and speed in implementing improvements.


Avanced robot welding and cutting of complex products


OnTop is flexible with a short start-up distance. By measuring in 3 processes,

we have identified a number of improvements, which has contributed to increased process understanding and value-added time.

The support has been very good for improvements, training and accessibility.


Assembly of complex machinery- Sales 40 MEUR


We needed to measure assembly times and streamline communication throughout the company.

OnTop is introduced at all 16 stations in the production flow, from pre-assembly through main assembly to packing. OnTop shows exactly where all orders are in the production flow. OnTop has replaced previous planning boards and aids.

OnTop has been well received and is perceived as simple and intuitive and provides a very good follow-up of assembly and turnaround times as well as disruptions.

OnTop is perceived as very responsive to our wishes.


Avanced machining of engine components för the automotive industry. Sales. 20 MEUR


We have never had to think about either installation, function or maintenance. We trust the data.

The reporting function is extensive. Great support.

We have made investments after analysis of data from OnTop which shows that we can achieve 15% better efficiency in 6 cells.